2015 – A Year of Progress

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As 2015 draws to its conclusion I thought I would write one last post to reflect on the year and to share some exciting news….

Firstly, on the training and racing front it’s been a fairly successful year – I’ve learnt a hell of a lot and continue to look for ways in which to push on and improve. One area that made a big difference was the decision to get a specific Ironman coach who could set me a training plan and offer his advice because of his own previous race experience. This is something I just didn’t have so thanks to Keith at Perform Fitness. I feel I’m starting to move nearer my potential as an ironman athlete…

In hindsight Ironman UK was a little bitter sweet as a top 10 finish with a fast marathon leg in tough conditions sounds pretty good. But my goal was to podium that day and my lack of race experience cost me. I saved too much on the bike leg and just couldn’t make up the time despite eating up people on the run.

I now know I need to race more than 4 triathlons to gain the race experience in readiness for the Ironman European Championships in Frankfurt next year.

So to the great news……..

I have just signed a book deal! And I have to say it’s a little surreal…

The book “Redemption” will be based on my life and how I went from organised crime to breaking world records in prison and then onto my current life of sport. It will be about how sport was used as vehicle to turn my life around and I really hope this will give me a big platform to help and inspire kids that aren’t in the best places in life.

My intention since leaving prison 3 years ago was always to give something back at some point but this has become more and more important to me now. I have a great opportunity to use my story to show people can really change, now matter what the circumstances and go on to have a rewarding life. And helping our younger generation has become a real passion. I feel this book will give me a platform to do that and open doors that were not open before.

I’m also looking to set up a Sports Foundation with Terry Williamson (a Sports Psychology and Life Coach at InSearchofBrilliance) and a couple of ex Olympic rowers to help less privileged children have access to sport. All very exciting stuff.

The book “Redemption” is going to be published later next year and I will keep you posted here on all the developments.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported me so far on my journey – there are many and you know who you are. And a special thanks to Craft for their continued sponsorship.

I trust you all have a Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous 2016.


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