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John McAvoy is currently a Nike sponsored triathlete however he was previously a high profile armed robber who has found redemption through the power of sport. Having broken both British and World records whilst in prison he is now forging a new life as an endurance athlete and speaker who is committed to using his story of rehabilitation to help and inspire others to change their lives for the better.

Terry Williamson

In Search of Brilliance

Terry and John met whilst John was still in prison and on day release at a local gym. John was always looking for any edge he could gain and initially worked with Terry on some of the psychological and mental aspects of performance for the upcoming European Indoor Rowing Championships. A resulting Bronze medal was just the beginning and now they are great friends. Terry continues to support John in his athletic pursuits and they work closely together to help and inspire others to change their lives for the better.

Chris Howard

Chris at Think Inc helped John back in the beginning to get his incredible story out via a website/blog and is now the creative talent behind his growing story and online presence.



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John is always looking for interesting and challenging sponsors to join him on his journey. To enquire about helping john please contact him here.

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